We are a MedCo approved organisation.
The quality standards we adhere to ensure our customers get a consistently high level of service using a leading-edge IT platform.

Ascentis Medical Services are expert in the collection and preparation of medical and legal documentation. Our colleagues at Kinesis apply their specialist knowledge to any further medical recommendations of the examining Expert to arrange any necessary rehabilitative treatment or further medical intervention.

Why is this approach beneficial?

It reduces the waiting time for claimants in urgent need of care.

It reduces the administrative burden for our customers and provides seamless continuity of care.

Our integrated service gives you access to specialist expertise in

  • Personal injury claims management
  • Collection and control of medical reports
  • Selection of expert medical professionals across the UK
  • Arrangement of diagnostics or surgery
  • Rehabilitation

Our world-class IT management systems enable secure data transfer and processing. We believe this delivers a best in class service and assures absolutely independent reports to our customers.