Ascentis Medical Services was established to provide innovative, people-centric medical and legal reporting services. Our senior leadership team have a combined 60 years of experience in providing medical and legal evidence and in consulting with industry bodies located in the UK.

Our success relies on our ability to continually improve our internal processes and infrastructure to offer the best possible customer service. We believe in open and honest communication, accountability and respect for clients and their personal circumstances.

Regardless of how you choose to engage with us, every partner and claimant can be assured of a consistent service.

Fully integrated access to all Ascentis Medical Services
A designated team from start to finish across all your cases
Quality assured reports, clear SLAs and simple billing
Assured levels of clinical governance and data protection
ISO compliant systems and procedures

We are early adopters of data analytics techniques to ensure improved efficiency during the claims process. This means that we can automatically identify the most appropiate partners and assessors to assure accurate diagnosis from expert medical professionals in the locality, and to expediate patient rehabilitation.